Arizona Zoo Confirms That The Jaguar Who Attacked A Woman Trying To Take A Selfie Won’t Be Put Down

After the infamous Cincinnati Zoo incident that resulted in a Gorilla’s life lost, there’s now even more protection applied to the animals kept in Zoos all around the world. A new case of a zoo animal hurting a human was recorded in Arizona.


ABC News Arizona was quick to report on the incident, showcasing the woman laying back as she had evidently taken some damage from the incident.

Wildwlife World Zoo issues a statement


The Arizona zoo in question was quick to issue a statement, claiming deep regret for what played out and announced an outgoing investigation.

“Please understand why barriers are put in place. Sending prayers to the family tonight,” the official Wildlife World Zoo account tweeted out.

No lives lost due to the incident


According to the obliged Arizona zoo, the animal (a Jaguar), won’t be put down.

Needless to say, humans were pro-life after this incident, claiming that it wasn’t the animal’s fault.

“Lady got what she deserved. If you put the jaguar down, I’ll NEVER go there again,” one person tweeted out.

“Protect the jaguar at all costs. I would ban the visitor from the park for life,” someone said.

“I also hope this lady isn’t able to sue the zoo. I’m sure the zoo had all of the proper signage and barriers but who knows what kind of loophole folks try to test!” a Twitter user commented.