Chelsea & Cole’s FarmLand Is Filled With Beautiful Animals & Landscape (Photos)

Chelsea & Cole DeBoer weren’t joking when they announced their move to a new, bigger South Dakota home.


The couple had previously been living in Chelsea’s old South Dakota home-based in Hartford.


Reportedly, Chelsea & Cole purchased the new property for around $420,000 whilst Chelsea bought her previous home for $228,000 in 2014.

Farm lifestyle


Apparently, Chelsea & Cole are huge fans of the soothing country lifestyle and they aren’t the only ones enjoying it. Chelsea’s fellow co-star, Catelynn, is also loving the #farmlife.

Chelsea’s been dreaming about her perfect farm life ever since she met Cole.

As the family is based in South Dakota, they get to see a lot of animals in their natural habitat.

Once, Chelsea & Aubree passed a farm with a bunch of sheep and Aubree made a subtle joke about it:

This – of course, was before they got to own a farm themselves.

Into the farm


Nowadays, the family enjoys the calming country lifestyle they dreamed of, filled with animals such as chickens, pigs, ducks, lions, tigers and bears.

Well, maybe everything except the last three.


It wouldn’t be a farm without Chelsea’s beloved pet pig – Pete.

She also owns a beautiful dog that matches her in size.


And of course, the ducks!


Getting ready for more animals?

Cole & Chelsea’s love for animals is unquestionable but is there room for more?

Apparently yes, since Chelsea is considering getting a miniature donkey for the family.


“I just called Cole at work to see if he was down with the name “Brenda” for our future miniature donkey… im honestly shocked he’s not sick of my s**t,” Chelsea tweeted out.