Jessa Duggar Thinks She Knows Why Jana Is Still Single

The Duggar family is notorious for their TV show, “19 Kids & Counting” and the spin-off show, “Counting on.”


Jim Bob and Michell Duggar are the founders of the family, which is now more than 20 members strong. The series premiered in September 2008, and ran till May, 2015. During the lifespan of the series, three Duggars were born, three got married and four grandchildren were born.

As stated in the family’s bio on their website (, “God has opened many doors for them to share that children are a blessing from the Lord! To date they have been featured on five Discovery Health & TLC documentaries entitled, “14 Children and Pregnant Again!”, “16 Children and Moving In!”, “Raising 16 Children!”,“On The Road With 16 Children!” & “Duggar’s Big Family Album”.

Michelle and Jim’s eldest daughter is still single, but why is it like that?

Jana’s mysterious decision to stay single


Jana is currently 28 years old & still single, which is a fairly odd thing in the Duggar family. Almost everyone is either married or un-marriable at the moment. According to a post from Radar Online, a source revealed that Jana wishes to remain single, “Jana doesn’t want to be like a lot of others that just go out and get married and end up in a relationship that is negative…”

“She’s content with whatever the Lord wants for her,” the source continued.

Jessa’s theory on why Jana is still single


“Jana is a ‘Jana of all trades,” Jessa said of her sister.

“She can do anything. She can wire an outlet. She can run the big machinery,” she continued. “That may be why some of the guys are scared away,” Jessa hinted at Jana’s relationship status.

“They probably just feel like ‘This girl can do anything, What can I do? What can I do compared to that?”

The eldest daughter of Jim & Michelle Duggar didn’t exclude the possibility of getting married one day, but hasn’t been exactly eager in talking about it.