School Drop Off: Hot Moms VS. Hot Messes

Of course celeb moms are looking their best for school drop off. But what about us regular moms? Are you one of those moms who gets all dolled up in the morning no matter what, or are you one of those moms who rolls out of bed and prays to get the kids to school on time? Let’s be honest, either way you are probably embarrassing your kids with kisses and love.

This mom says “I love the attention. There’s nothing wrong with looking hot,” . Her husband seems to agree, but she does concede that she gets some looks from other moms. She prefers to wear expensive brands and always wears heels.

This mom says that her daughter is “mortified” by her mini dresses and thigh high boots. She says that doesn’t stop her from looking and feeling her best everyday.

Whats kind of drop off mom are you? Hot Mom or Hot Mess? We at Mommy Things tend to be with the latter! Hot Mess Moms Unite!