‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Shares First Video Of New Place On Social Media After Breaking Up With David Eason

Since announcing the split between her and her husband, Jenelle has set off to live in an environment that’s best for her and the kids.


Jenelle’s eldest son Jace is still living with his grandmother Barbara Evans, who’s also in charge of him in the true meaning of the word.

David and Jenelle have parted ways mostly in silence, partly due to the restraining order in place. As a mother of three, Jenelle doesn’t seem to be wanting her ex anywhere close to her or the kids, except for the times she lets him see them.

The recently filed divorce paperwork includes a pretty hefty amount of marks inside, including all the things that have bothered Jenelle over the years of being married.

A new place to stay


The 27-year-old mom finally seems to be standing in her own right now that the divorce process is being initiated. That also means that she’s now responsible for her kids more than ever.

It goes without saying that Jenelle had to lay low during the preparations to file for divorce, as she explained: “I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions.”

Announcing that, “…The kids and I have moved away from David.”

Jenelle and the kids no longer reside at the ‘Land’ and have been on their own for the past couple of weeks.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star finally decided to end the silence and uploaded a brief video on Instagram, showing a glimpse of her new ‘home.’

The video itself doesn’t reveal too much but they’re likely staying at a rental place or something along those lines.

Reportedly, Evans fled North Carolina and has been recently spotted in Maci’s home state of Tennessee.

Given her situation, the new place is likely a temporary measure until the divorce process is finalized, which could take months to complete.