Bet You Didn’t Know These Random Celeb Mom Facts

Even though celeb moms put themselves out there for the whole world to see, there are still things you didn’t know about them. Here are a few little known facts about our favorite celeb moms:

Megan Fox

Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Megan says she believes “in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns”. In an interview with Esquire magazine, she is quoted as saying, “Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns.

But maybe was there something in the traditional sense? I believe that this stuff came from somewhere other than people’s imaginations.” 

Who would have thought that this goddess mom would be a little quirky like the rest of us?


Bet you didn’t know that Queen Bey actually has an insect named after her. In 2012, researchers in Australia discovered a new species of Horse fly. After noticing some golden hair on its underbelly, the named it “Scaptia beyonceae“.

The researchers even went as to say this new horsefly species is the “diva of all flies”.

Mariah Carey

In high school, Mariah Carey was famous for something other than her amazing voice. She was known by classmates as well as faculty as “Mirage” as she rarely attended classes.

Megan Markle

Before becoming the royal that we know and love, Megan Markle was a professional calligrapher in her spare time.

She actually did the calligraphy for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s 2005 wedding invitations. Who knew the Duchess was so artistic?