Blogger Compares Working Moms to Stay At Home Moms, And The Chart Has Gone Viral

‘SAHM’ is an acronym dedicated to ‘stay-at-home’ moms.


One Christian blogger decided to compare ‘SAHM’s’ to working moms, should they opt in for a career or stay at home and be with their kids?

There are many views on the stay-at-home vs working mom debate, and this one, in particular, sparked some serious conversation.

According to Urban Dictionary, a stay-at-home mom is:
“A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family.
The main reason for being a stay-at-home mom is to raise children better.”

Sahm vs working mom illustration


The author of ‘Transformed Wife,’ Lorie Alexander, had published an informative chart that focuses on the stay-at-home vs working mom pros and cons, and it resulted in over 800 shares and 1,500+ comments on Facebook.

The original post was published on Dec. 4, and has since gotten lots of comments.

Lorie’s illustration was done on a basic piece of notebook paper, nothing fancy but highly efficient in getting people to respond.

The whole info chart has a title, “Should mothers have careers?”

It’s worth noting that the author emphasizes Christianity and there’s a lot of Christian dogma in her chart.

For instance,

Working mom;
“Reads a book to children before bed.”

Stay-at-home mom;
“Reads to children, plays games, disciplines, teaches about Jesus all day long.”

As a conclusion, Lorie Alexander draws a line between the two categories stating that:

Working mom: “Her life is falling apart. She doesn’t feel like she’s a good wife or mother.”

Sahm: “Her life is fulfilling. Her husband and children rise up & call her blessed!

The reactions

Needless to say, not everyone agrees with the chart illustrated above. In fact, almost everyone who replied wasn’t okay with the arguments presented by the author.

In return, people fired back with:

“Lady, I am a SAHM and this post is embarrassing and you should take it down. Some days my life is more like the “career woman” you described. Other days it’s not. However, you have shamed all working mothers…”

“Jokes on you, I stay at home all day and my life is still falling apart.”

“…don’t try to make a “working mom’s” life seem miserable and unhappy mamm, because that’s simply untrue for the majority of us.”

“Probably one of the most inaccurate and insulting things I have ever read. It damages women on BOTH sides,” a mom chimed in.