Catelynn Lowell Is Afraid That Trial Separation Might End Up In A Divorce

Catelynn and Tyler are on a so-called ‘trial separation,’ and Catelynn is afraid that it might be the very end of their marriage. Teen Mom: OG is currently in its seventh season, and there is more to come.

Putting in the work

The Teen Mom: OG couple is clearly putting in the work in order to “fix” their marriage, but results are still due.

Tyler is trying to be supportive


Catelynn’s husband, Tyler, recently retweeted a fan’s statement about his support to Cate, as he feels misunderstood by many.


“When @TylerBaltierra said “trying to figure out how to support her, without being destructive to myself” I felt that. That’s so key in every aspect of any type of relationship!”

Too much, too fast


In the most recent episode of Teen Mom: OG, Catelynn admits that things are moving a little too fast.

“It feels like it’s happening so quickly and I’m not sure I’m ready for it,” she said.

The 26-year-old mom hopes that the marriage counseling will help them “feel more secure” about it all.

On the other hand, Tyler was all ready for it, “I’m ready to go. I’m ready to move in.”

Moving out


“…I wanted to know for sure, after these 30 days, if I was going to be coming over there and living with you,” Catelynn said, almost shedding a tear.

“Or were you planning on, after these 30 days, being like, ‘No, I want a divorce?'”, she asked Tyler.

To that, Tyler just said that: “It’s only for 30 days, it’s not like we have to adjust for life.”

Baltierra also cleared Catelynn of any doubts when it comes to dating other women, “Listen…I don’t want to be with other women. Have I ever thought about it? Well, DUH!” he tweeted out for everyone to see.