Top 10 Celebrity Moms That Look Flawless Without Makeup, See The Unfiltered Looks

We’re all used to seeing our favorite celebs in the most perfect way imaginable. It all starts with makeup and it’s arguably one of the simplest ways to make one look perfect.

The celebrity moms we follow online are usually taking selfies with makeup on, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes we’re allowed to see things that aren’t usually portrayed in the social media world and get an unfiltered look to the way things really are.

A recent trend on social media platforms saw the rise of ‘unfiltered beauties’ proudly showcasing themselves to the world.

Led by world-class celebs, the idea behind it was simple: to show the reality behind a thing called ‘perfect beauty.’

A select group of celeb moms proudly showcased their daily looks as fans gushed in surprise as to how their favorite ‘mommies’ looked like without the makeup.

Chelsea Houska


Chelsea is a known ‘mommy’ that’s taking over social media. She’s mostly known for her appearances and history on MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ and later on in ‘Teen Mom: 2.’

But the fans always wondered how is it that she always looks like a perfect blend of elegance & beauty.

Chelsea’s secret lies in her extensive makeup routine that she wasn’t hesitant to share online. She even admitted to not being comfortable filming MTV’s series without the makeup.

The logic behind this request is obviously natural, as she wants to showcase herself in the best light.

That’s not to say Chelsea isn’t ready to show her ‘true self.’
She recently shared a couple of photos from her daily life that gave fans an insight into how things really are.

Despite sharing an insight into her daily life, the photo she shared wasn’t a crystal-clear representation of her daily looks.

It’s merely a makeup-free photo with an added filter, the filter Chelsea used definitely didn’t help the overall idea behind the photo.

Perhaps Chelsea isn’t ready to share her total makeup-free look just yet.

Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen is definitely one of the most popular social media moms.

Her posts have served as an inspiration for millions of moms worldwide and she isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

She started off as a model and eventually became famous with the help of popular magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

The 34-year-old mom often shares relatable photos of the situations that happen when she’s around her kids.


Chrissy decided to greet her followers with a makeup-free photo and wow! One could argue that she looks even better without makeup on!

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth’s Hollywood career is certainly an impressive story in its own right but her family comes first. She showed us so multiple times on her social media.

But even Gwyneth confessed that her children can be quite compulsive at times.

Either way, she hopes everyone can enjoy being themselves and comfortable in their own right.


She snapped a makeup-free photo on her birthday and wow’d her fanbase.

Hillary Duff


As a mother-of-two, Hillary is somewhat caught up in the ‘mess’ as every other mommy.

She joked about ‘hiding’ from her kids while relaxing in the bathtub and we can all relate to that.


In addition to her quirky mom jokes, she’s not shy of revealing how she looks like without the fancy makeup on.

Jennifer Lopez


‘JLo’ is keen on feeding her fanbase only the highest-quality selfies & event photos. She’s one of the most-followed celebrities on Instagram but she also fits in the ‘mommy’ category.

Jennifer Lopez is currently in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez but isn’t in a rush to get married.

Her career & children are a priority and everyone seems to appreciate that fact.

The 50-year-old mom shared a selfie on Snapchat and the fans were shocked to see it was a makeup-free one.


Needless to say, she looks astonishingly beautiful for a 50-year-old mom!

Natalie Portman


The Oscar-winning actress was featured in films since her early teenage years.

She managed to get a grip on Hollywood and won an Oscar for her performance in the critically-acclaimed drama “Black Swan.”
Besides being an actress, Natalie Portman is a mother-of-two.

Her only social media platform is Instagram and she occasionally shares photos there.

This is how the actress looks like without the makeup:


Jennifer Garner


Everyone’s favorite social media mom/actress Jennifer Garner is keen on showing her human side.

Jennifer is very active on Instagram, where she shares the majority of her posts.

Speaking of beauty, she hinted at a life worth living.


“Beauty comes from a life well lived. If you’ve lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren’t too bad, what more do you need?” – Jennifer Garner.

Roselynn Sanchez


If you’ve ever watched “Desperate Housewives” the chances are you already know who Roselynn Sanchez is.

She’s a model/actress from Puerto Rico and a mother-of-two.
Much like her colleagues, she’s also a part of the social media world.

Roselynn’s stunning beauty was showcased on TV and in movies over the last decade and so.

What the fans didn’t get to see is how she actually looks like when she’s not filming.

This is Roselynn without makeup:


She even shared a video on Twitter implying that she’s already getting grey hair, getting old surely isn’t blissful!

Sofia Vergara


The 47-year-old TV actress is widely considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Surely, she looks perfect with the makeup on but her natural looks trump all.


Farrah Abraham

You’ve probably gotten to know Farrah through MTV’s hit series ’16 & Pregnant.’

She was a teenage mother back then and immediately caught the attention of the media and the fans.

She’s now a 28-year-old mother of one. Farrah and her daughter Sophia spend a great deal of time together and frequently post on social media.


Admittedly, Farrah did apply cosmetic surgery to her face and body, but her natural looks without makeup are something to behold.