Doctor’s Decision To Write His Name On A Scrub Hat Could Be Saving Lives

Dr. Rob Hackett sparked a new trend amongst medical professionals that are now taking over Twitter and social media in general. Rob is an anesthetist from Australia, and in hopes to avoid confusion during ‘sensitive’ medical processes, he came up with an awesome idea.


In an interview with The Sydney Morning Heral, Dr. Hackett elaborated on his scrub hat idea, “There were some snide remarks, like ‘can’t you remember your name?” he said.

Dr. Rob runs a Patient Safety blog as well, where he explains where it all comes from.

“I discovered my hat. I wear it proudly now – many colleagues curious as to why.”

“Some nurses comment – ‘It’s a great idea, we should all wear hats like this’ – to which I reply ‘You can’.

But they can’t – it hasn’t come via the ‘proper’ channels. We’re conditioned in a hierarchical top down system – step outside this at your peril – it’s far more likely to end your career than deliver change. I know – I’ve touched that void,” he elaborated in a blog post.

Adding that: “Knowing names & roles, great for camaraderie, is a skill essential for optimal teamwork. The World Health Organisation have numerous adverse event reports from staff misidentification.”


Medical staff all over the world is quickly picking up the ‘scrub hat’ trend and it’s becoming a worldwide safety sensation.