Dog Hilariously Follows Google Street View Car In Japan While ‘Enhancing’ Every Photo Along The Way

Dogs are man’s best friend, but do the cars count? It seems like dogs like Google Street View cars as well! This good ol’ pupper followed a Google car by any means until they reached the end of a street in Japan.

Google Maps

Street View by Google ‘is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps,’ and it was introduced in 2007 with several cities in the US.

A doggo from Japan decided to ‘bamboozle’ Google street view car by following it until the very end of the road.

It all happened in a place (town) called Kumage, Kagoshima.

1.2.3 Off we go

Google Maps

The Japanese folk was delighted by doggo’s determination to follow the ‘spooky’ car.

“I laughed so hard when I saw how far it chased the car,” they said on social media.

“It looks like it’s saying, ‘What’s this that’s come down my road?” someone commented.

Google Maps

‘There you are’

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