Gary Shirley Finally Finds Out Who His Real Biological Father Is And Sheds A Tear

Gary Shirley was in awe when he found out that Jody might not be his biological father, like he thought so for years. The Teen Mom: OG dad was being deceived from findout out the truth, ever since he was born.


At the beginning of 2018, Gary went to take a saliva sample along with then-father, Jody. When the moment of truth came, Gary could not get himself to open the letter, instead relying on his wife, Kristina, to do the job.

“I hope it won’t change anything,” Gary said at the time of the opening. Upon finding out the results, Jody was in awe, and Gary managed to get a “wow” from him only.

Gary’s wife, Kristina, engaged Gary to pursue his real biological father by saying: that both men “deserve answers.”

At first, Gary was hesitant about finding his real biological father but eventually turned into the search.

“If I ever did meet this guy, I wouldn’t want our relationship ruined over that,” Gary told Jody and his mother.

Mission accomplished, Gary finds out who his biological father is


“Gary receives his paternity test back and confirms that he’s found his biological father.”

After the results came in, Gary couldn’t take it reading it himself, so he asked Kristina to do it again. It’s worth noting that Gary and Kristina had to take on a private investigator (PI) on this case, as they narrowed down the potential candidates.


Gary’s real biological father turns out to be Mike, with a near 100% chance that they are indeed, a father and a son.

“We’re going to be able to start a relationship if you want that,” Shirley told Mike.

“At some point, you can meet the kids. They’re great kids. It’s nice to have an ending to my search. It couldn’t have ended any better,” he added.