George Bush’s Labrador Service Dog Is Making Everyone Shed A Tear

They say that dogs are man’s best companions, and it turns out that might actually be truthful. There are many kinds of dogs but the ones most frequently seen in America are definitely Labradors amongst other.


A week ago, George H.W. Bush passed away at the age of 94, and his Labrador service dog was a huge part of the ceremony. The Lab’s name is Sully and he looks as if he lost a best friend in the video below. Dogs truly are amazing beings, and we definitely don’t deserve them.

“George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog Pay His Respects to the Former President”

The ceremony was held at The United States Capitol, in Washington D.C.


Surprisingly enough, the actual grief dogs encounter can be very real, according to the American Kennel Club. In an interview with the AKC, director of the Montley Zoo Animal Rescue said that dogs and puppies can indeed experience grief, and that they are “highly intuitive and sensitive,” even more that people actually give them credit for.

People react

Everyone was absolutely hertbroken after watching the ceremony video and the comments section was full of revealing emotional surprises.


“Regardless of what anyone thinks of George Bush Sr, that is a dog with sadness and grief in his eyes. Man’s best friend,” one person commented.

“Sully will never know what a president is, that his friend was. That is all he was to Sully, a friend. A friend he will miss,” someone said.

“Although I was late in life to learn about dog ownership , I’ve had my dog for 5 years now. Dogs and their owners become attached quickly— service dog or not. Sweet Sully is grieving and sad . And for those who have posted nasty, negative comments, you probably have sad lives too… what a shame,” another person chimed in.

“We were involved with Vetdogs for a period of time. Their canines are amazing! I’m sure Sully is feeling this loss like we all are,” a person revealed.