Family Homesteading: Learn What All the Hype is About and How You Can Get Started!

Since the beginning of the COVID epidemic, families all over the world have been making strides to become more self sufficient.  For some, it was as simple as learning how to make their own bread.  For others it has been much more extreme.  Some families are learning to become immensely self sufficient through homesteading.  What is homesteading you ask?  Well its basically a self sufficient lifestyle, that includes things such as farming and gardening.  Have you noticed this uptick in people who suddenly have chicken coops and pictures of chicken all over their Facebook posts?  This is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon.

So how can you and your family become more self sufficient you might ask?  Well here’s the answer!

  1. Make some new homesteading friends!  This one seems a little obvious but there is definitely a learning curve to this homesteading thing and who couldn’t use a little help and advice along the way, right?  A good start would be to ask around, join some homesteading Facebook groups, and check out your local tractor supply store.
  2.  Start gardening!  A great way to start becoming self sufficient is to start growing your own food.  Start small and focus on things that are pretty easy.  This might include  tomatoes, herbs, and other small plants.  Once you get the hang of that, you can  go a little bigger.                         
  3. Start preserving your own food.  Give canning and pickling a try once your garden starts booming.  There is nothing better than some homemade salsa!                             
  4. Now if you are really ambitious in your homesteading adventure, you might want to get a few chickens.  Read up on the different types of chickens and what’s needed to get started.   Keep in mind, you’ll need a proper coop for your chickens and some other supplies.  This might take a little money up front but it sure to pay off!                                                                                                                                       
  5. Don’t give up!  Homesteading is hard work, especially in the beginning.  There will be plenty of ups and downs and failures and successes, its all par for the course.  Just keep learning and most of all, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help along the way.  Before you know it, friends and neighbors will be asking you how they can get started!