Kailyn Lowry Shuts Down A Fan After Being Called Out For Having Too Many Kids

Kailyn Lowry is now a mom-of-three and she isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon! The 27-year-old mom started her ‘mommy’ career by giving birth to Isaac Elliot Rivera, her firstborn son.


At first, Kailyn thought that she couldn’t love anyone as much as she loves her first son, Isaac. ” I never thought that I could love another person as much as I loved Isaac,” she revealed in her newly released book, “A letter of love.”

“I didn’t believe that I had the capacity to love the same way. I was so afraid that I couldn’t be the mother to Linc that I was to Isaac. I cried all the time. I was so anxious, and I would get upset about everything. I worried all the time,” she continued.

Lowry entered ‘Teen Mom’ when she was just 16 years old, or back then it was known as ’16 & Pregnant,’ with the likes of her boyfriend, Jo Rivera.

The two had a relationship that spanned a few years until they eventually went separate ways.

Getting back to a fan


The 25-year-old mom doesn’t seem to be taking any negative comments online as she showcased by telling off a fan.

She got back to a fan commenting on her Instagram page, saying that having three babies with three different baby daddies must make her feel bad.

“You know absolutely nothing about my life. Kindly focus on your own child and sit the f**k down,” Kailyn replied.

Adding that: “Find the unfollow button and have a great day.”

In addition to being an influencer on Instagram, Kailyn also runs a YouTube channel to which she regularly uploads content.