Mom Gives Natural Birth To Septuplets All At Once

A ‘supermom’ from Iraq has given birth to 7 babies, and all of that happened in just one delivery session. The modern medicine categorizes this extraordinary birth process as ‘septuplet,’ meaning “each of seven children born at one birth,” according to Wikipedia.


The 25-year-old mom gave birth to what turned out to be six girls and one boy, all in good medical condition.


The local news media of Iraq described the news as “a unique precedent at the level of Iraq,” and for a good reason.

A ‘septuplet’ is no common occurrence in the world, and as such is treated with admiration anytime it happens.

In the United States, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey managed to ‘pull off’ the same thing, when Bobbi gave birth to septuplets.

The McCaughey couple was recently interviewed by Today, where they revealed that: “They still have a very close bond to one another, but they also enjoy doing things with their friends and also exploring those different activities and different classes,” when speaking about the babies.