Mom Has A Genius Hack For Those Whose Christmas Tree Is Still Up

Oh, Christmas tree! If your Christmas tree is still up and running, this hack will surely help you “get rid of it.” The Christmas tree is one of the most important decorations just in time for the New Year and Christmas, but it can’t stay in the living room during the whole year, can it?


A Minnesota mom figured out a way to bypass the whole process of packing up the tree and dismantling the ornaments from it, it’s easy as 1,2,3.

“My new time-saving Christmas tree invention. No more decorating/un-decorating. Wrap it and store it!” she wrote on Facebook.

Just pack it up!


The Minessota mom’s genius plan is to just pack it all up, nice and easy. While figuring out so, she essentially ditched the whole process of decorating/undecorating the Christmas tree.


It’s simple but it works like a charm!

As a bonus, the mom didn’t even need to lift a finger, because her son and husband carried the tree into the storage room where it’s going to stay for the rest of the year.

A genius plan indeed, find the talent & delegate.