Mom Refuses To Settle With Her Babysitter, ‘They’re Easy Kids’ And You Got ‘Free Ice Cream’

Having a babysitter over at your house is usually a routine for most parents, they spend a couple of hours watching over the kids while the parents scroll through the city. In this instance, the mom refused to pay the babysitter because of ‘ice cream’.


While this episode isn’t as terrifying as ‘The Babysitter’ from Netflix, it’s still pretty sweaty.

Reddit user ‘VortexThing’ posted the whole series of text messages between the mom and her sister, Karen.

“Sister sent me this…she was blocked immediately after,” she wrote on Reddit.

To pay or not to…


“I wasn’t aware payment was involved. You got free ice cream and a day of fun…”


*shows the proof*


“I am not paying you $128 for a single day! They’re easy kids!”


The reactions

Needless to say, people were curious to see a follow up on this story, and yet have to see one.

“Sounds like the first thing is talking to the husband and seeing if he is any more reasonable.

If not, she can take them to small claims court and with the text messages she has nearly a 100% chance of winning. She’ll get the original amount plus court fees.

Until then and even after, she can drag their name through the mud. Tell the neighbors, tell her own friends and coworkers, post the screen shots on her own and the couple’s social media, send some emails to any local day care or baby sitting agencies,” one person commented.

“Small claims court. It’s easy to file. Make sure you include damages for the small stuff, like the court filing fee and taking time off work. If they don’t show up, you get a judgement by default. If they do show up, you’ll still win and they’ll get a tongue lashing from the judge,” someone stated.