Mom Takes On Pregnancy Shaming In An Inspiring Instagram Post, ‘Stop Having Babies’

In the era of internet communications, setting and creating new trends isn’t a hard thing to do, and new terms surface every once in a while. ‘Pregnancy shaming’ is definitely one of those head-on terms that strike you as something negative, because it usually is.


Anna Strode, a.k.a “bubs2bikins” on Instagram, has recently shared an inspiring post about ‘pregnancy shaming’ and how it has become an arising issue, filing her private inbox with messages full of resentment towards having more children.

“I had absolutely no idea that “pregnancy shaming” existed until, I announced we had baby #4 on the way,” Anna started off her post.


“You may have noticed I’ve been a little quite on Instagram the last 7 or so months. I’ve been busy and sick but also a little anxious when posting. Why?! Because over the past 7 months I have been criticised, judged and blatantly questioned why we have chosen to have another baby,” the mom continued.

“I’ve had comments and inbox messages saying all sorts of things from “wow, surely you’re not pregnant AGAIN 😳” to “STOP HAVING BABIES” to people asking if I don’t believe in contraception,” Anna elaborates on the arising pregnancy shaming.

“Yes – I do believe in contraception, I was on it for manyyyyyy years. YES this baby WAS planned. We actually tried for a few months before successfully falling pregnant,” she goes out of her way to explain things were meant to be.

” always wanted 4 children. For as long as I can remember, 4 just seemed like the number for me. I also all imagined them being close in age. I was blessed that my husband wanted the same,” she said.

As for the ‘pregnancy shamers,’ Anna had this to say:

“I mean, I don’t understand why us having another baby would worry anyone so much? Anyone would think I asked the “pregnancy shamers” to wake all night and feed my baby, change dirty nappies, entertain my toddlers. But no, nothing will change for them so why the negativity towards me and my families choices?!”

A completely rational response from a mother living in the dawn of social media.