Mom Writes An ‘Honest’ Poem About Dads That Sleep Instead Of Taking Care Of The Baby

Did you ever get so pissed off at your husband so you decided to take a shot at writing a poem about it? Don’t think so? Well, this mom did and it turned out to be quite hilarious. Caroline took to Facebook to share her honest work poem written at 4.AM, dedicated to her husband.

‘My latest 4am poem titled “Daddy’s asleep”


“I love your daddy, I really do,
After all, without daddy, I wouldn’t have you.
But from midnight till sunrise, it’s just you and I.
And as each hour passes, I’m not gonna lie:
Mommy’s love slowly fades, becomes angry and weak,
Because no matter what, your dad is f*cking asleep!”

Caroline shared her poem to Facebook, naturally, her friends reacted to it.

“This is adorable, but such a stereotype. My husband got up and helped and did feedings. He even requested that I not breastfeed so that he could get up and feed our son.”