Mom’s Reaction To Kid’s Shaving Their Heads Has Gone Viral

There are many ‘shocking’ moments throughout the parenthood, but some of them really stand out. It wasn’t long before this mom figured what was going on with her children.

“Y’all, my nephew found the electric shaver and went wild”

Stephanie Plucknette, a full-time nurse and a proud mommy of three, was ‘shocked’ by her kids’ ‘creativity’ after she had spent a few minutes away from them.

Reportedly, the mom took a shower break just in time for work and was welcomed by a surprise.

Her eldest child found an electric clipper and decided to practice barber skills while the mom was away.

Despite the ‘surprise,’ Stephanie remained calm throughout the chaos and promised that they will ‘make it work.’

The ‘stars of the show’ even got an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, now that’s a pleasant surprise!

Tune into Jimmy Kimmel tonight for a special appearance of the stars of the video! @jimmykimmel— Ian Hagadorn (@itsiannn) April 17, 2019