MTV Reveals The All New ‘Teen Mom’ Stars, Here’s What You Need To Know About Them

MTV’s new series ‘Young & Pregnant’ might not be as popular as their other shows including ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom: OG’ but it certainly sheds a different light on the ‘teen mom’ lifestyle.


MTV came up with the new ‘Young + Pregnant’ in 2018 when the show initially aired.

The original concept of the show dates back from 2009 and the days of ’16 & Pregnant,’ starring original moms: Maci, Catelynn, Amber, Farrah etc…

‘Young & Pregnant’ is currently in its infancy compared to ‘Teen Mom 2’ as it’s been filmed for only 2 seasons thus far.

Meet the new cast


The reality-TV giant announced that two new moms will be joining the series and the preview is already here!

“First steps. First stumbles. First time moms.”

“Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant chronicles the lives of Ashley, Brianna and Kayla, along with two new moms Kiaya and Rachel,” MTV revealed in the season two trailer.

Apparently, Kiaya and Rachel are the forthcoming ‘Teen Mom’ star as it’s already been confirmed that they are cast full-time.

Meet Rachel


This is Rachel Beaver. Rachel is a 17-year-old mom from Madisonville, Kentucky.

She applied to star in the series to show support for other single mothers out there.

“I hope people see that they aren’t alone. You’re not going through this alone,” she noted in an interview.

MTV’s official bio describes the new mom as a party girl and apparently a very popular one at that.

Rachel’s bio also includes the quest to find out the child’s father, as she isn’t sure completely.


“Rachel isn’t sure if the baby is her boyfriend Drew’s or his best friend Jakob’s,” the bio reads.

Meet Kiaya


The second forthcoming ‘Young + Pregnant’ star is Kiaya Elliot. Kiaya is an 18-year-old mom from Norfolk, Virginia.

She got pregnant by a 16-year-old Zay, father of the baby.

The season 2 of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant’ airs on October 22, 2019.