New Details Surface, Ryan Edward’s One-Night Stand Tells All

Not so long after finally reuniting with his family, Ryan Edwards found his way to troubles again. The Edwards family recently posed for a photo together, and all seemed fine. Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, recently gave birth to their first son together, Jagger.


“3x the boys, 3x the messes, 3x the fun and 3x the love”


Ryan’s decision to leave for rehab in spite of his son being due caused a bit of stir, but Mackenzie stood by her husband. “Right before, he said his kids deserve to have the healthiest dad and what better time to go than now?” she said.

“If I did not love Ryan, I would call him the most selfish a—hole ever for missing this, but this is a drop in this baby’s life, and if he’s gonna miss him being born and be healthy forever, I mean, what more could I ask for?” she added.

Mackenzie and Edwards are hiding something?

Despite portraying their family in the best possible way, it seems like the couple is hiding something right in front of public’s eye. Just recently, Radar Online broke the story that Ryan had used Tinder dating app again, despite being caught in the act before.

The unknown woman gave a small interview to Radar Online, “I did not acknowledge that I knew who he was,” she said.

“There was no hesitation or second thought. It wasn’t something he was prepared with at all.”

“He was desperate to come over,” she added.

As an update to the tinder drama, an insider reached out to media claiming that “they’ve been arguing a lot, he hasn’t been home since Sunday night.”

At the moment, there’s no official response from the couple.