Our Favorite Social Media Mama: Kristina Kuzmic

No one is more real when it comes to parenting than Kristina Kuzmic. Kristina is a Southern California mom of 3 who hilariously shows the challenges of raising kids and dealing with everyday struggles.

You might have seen this internet sensation on your facebook feed. She has over 3 million followers who tune in to watch her hysterical videos and raw emotional posts. There is something for every type of mama.

And in case you didn’t know, she is even BFFS with Oprah. In 2011, she was chosen out of over 15,000 applicants to win the reality tv show “Oprah’s Search For the Next TV star”. She went on to interview numerous celebs including Oprah herself.

Kristina is currently on her own tour, The Hope and Humor Tour. Tickets can be purchased at https://kristinakuzmiclive.com/ .