People Are Sharing Best Places To Hide Valuables In Your Home And It’s Mission Impossible

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to be the only person that knows the location of something in your home? Well, this post is for you. People and house designers have been sharing brilliant solutions that will make your 007 senses tingle.

The ‘Window shopper’

Having a secret drawer beneath the window can greatly increase your chances of successfully hiding a valuable item from burglars, or a secret candy stash from husband and kids 🙂

Secret door passage

This secret door passage is known as ‘the Murphy door,’ and it’s usually disguised as a bookshelf that serves as en entrance to a secret room. Burglars definitely won’t see this one coming, if they hadn’t watched ‘Home Alone 3,’ that is.

“Problem Solvers Birdhouse”


Don’t be fooled; this isn’t your ordinary birhouse, it’s called the problems solver birdhouse for a reason!

It’s currently retailing on Amazon and its ‘key takeway’ is that it ‘looks more attractive and natural than other key hideaways.’