Pretentious Foodie Mom Doesn’t Get The ‘Kids Menu Thing,’ Gets Solid Advice From Parents

When you’re dreaming of becoming a parent, you usually think everything is going to be perfect, a truly sensational experience with a brink of excellence. When people actually become parents, their early promises fall short of reality and it can be hilarious.


So excited…

A new mommy took to Facebook and declared that she doesn’t make any sense of ‘kid’s menus’ and that her child surely won’t be using one.


“So excited to start solids next month…” the mom revealed.

“Also being the somewhat pretentious foodie I am, he sure as hell will not be a ‘kids menu’ kind of child,” the mom declared.

Solid advice from ‘veteran’ parents

Little did she know, it’s not all magic and unicorns in the ‘foodie’ land.


“I can’t wait until she has to order, through bitter tears, macaroni and cheese with a side of macaroni and cheese because that’s literally the only thing her kid will eat, anywhere. It will be glorious.”

“Get ready to join the buttered noodle club Karen,” one mom hilariously commented.