Scrunchies- Back and Better Than Ever

If you were a kid/teen in the 80’s/90’s, you probably have vivid memories of using a scrunchy to hold your Sun In dyed orange streaked hair back. You probably wore them on your wrists too. Well,they are back! Teens and teeny boppers are wearing the crap out of them again.

Some moms even claim that now they are even a sign of a blooming relationship when their sons have them. They can now be found strewn in teen boys rooms after girls have given them to them as a sign of affection.

The popular “scrunchie scene” in Netflix’s hit movie, To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before

But why the sudden come back? Who is responsible for it? According to fashion historians (yes, apparently that is a thing), around the 20 year mark is when trends start making a come back and looking fresh again. What really promotes their return is that 2 major fashion designers have used them in recent runway shows.

Whatever the reason for its comeback, we’re here for it!