There’s A Lego ‘Death Set’ And It’s Spooky

Death is just as common as life, but when it comes down to explaining these terms to kids, you often end up talking about unicorns.

Lego sets have been around for quite some time, the company began manufacturing these more and more elaborate sets by the beginning of 1950.

The ‘Death Set’


Being the world’s most influential brand comes with certain benefits. Lego sets had become a ‘teacher’ in all areas of life but teaching kids about death is something new.

The funeral museum in Vienna (Bestattungsmuseum)m made a specific LEGO set in hopes of explaining death to small children.

The museum noted that the set comes especially handy when dealing with loss of family members, explaining the process of a funeral parade.


These LEGO sets are priced anywhere from 50 to 89.99 euros and are sold on the museums website.