These Fitness Comics Perfectly Illustrate The Need For Getting Skinnier

If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit and stay in shape, you’d know how tempting it actually is to keep yourself from swaying from the path.

It isn’t unusual that people drop out half the way in, or even less throughout their path of getting the summer body they want.

Despite so many knowledgeable people and trainers online, truth somehow slips under the radar.

A fitness trainer, Cassey Ho, created these comics for all the people struggling with getting in shape.


Casey is a ‘witty’ fitness trainer whose comics inspired many and the best part of it all is that they’re so relatable!

‘Everything hurts’

Everyone can relate to the moment when they first grabbed their weights and all hell broke loose.

It is at this moment we had to put all of our energy to use and get that workout going while we still have energy left.

” Why. Is. This. Is. So. Accurate.” one fan commented below the photo.

‘Food Choices’

“Which one are you?” the trainer asked.

In vs Out

Some people prefer dining out while some like to stay at home. There’s also the calculated intent of staying at home to save some money, after all, not all of us like spending money.

TV workout

You can never go wrong with the old-fashioned workout routine in front of TV. It’s like you’re working out with a professional and at the same time they don’t see you taking a pause every 2 minutes.

Up and Down

“Honestly it’s like a magical transformation.”