These Kids Lining Up For A Christmas Recital Are Rockin’ It Away So Smoothly

Parents and especially kids can be very interesting at certain times, whether it’s a parent dressing up as a batdad or a kid doing a ‘Fortnite’ dance. But all of these together do make something really special, a Christmas recital goes viral because of how awesome the kids pulled it off.


The little ones look a tad bit afraid upon entering the stage, but soon it all goes away with a flawless performance supported by the audience.


Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

St. Elizabeth Child care schoolers did something special as they lined up together and managed to pull off a perfect rockin’ it movement.

“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree at St. Elizabeth Child care Jersey City NJ,” the video was uploaded on YouTube in April, 2009 but people still re-watch it because of how awesome the composition looks like.

“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” is considered to be mostly orchestrated movement where kids use arms and legs to synchronize the movement with others.

In case you could not recognize the school where the performance was given, it’s the “Franciscan Sisters Of St. Elizabeth,” as their website bio reads: “To sanctify each Sister through a total consecration to God, the Franciscan Sisters of Saint Elizabeth, an international community, strives to imitate and follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ…”

This is their unofficial Facebook page, generated by reviews of the place.