Watch: Amber Portwood Gets Off To Adele’s Hometown, Showcasing Her Musical Talent

Many of the ‘Ten Mom’ stars have their own interests and hobbies, although they may not be captured by MTV’s cameras it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.


Amber is one of the original stars of the series and she is beloved by many fans and her co-stars are not an exception. On a night out with the ‘OG’ girls, someone filmed the 29-year-old mom getting off to Adele’s Hometown.

A showcase of musical talent

The video was originally shared by Amber’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’ co-star, Catelynn Lowell. Lowell captioned the video with “Damn” and tagged Amber Portwood’s Instagram.

Needless to say, it’s evident that Amber knocked it out of the park with her portrayal of Adele’s hometown as the crowd was cheering all throughout it.

Fans react


Amber’s co-stars weren’t the only ones impressed by her performance, the fans went ‘crazy’ after hearing what Amber has to offer.

“Omg I want to see more videos of Amber singing,” one fan said.

“She’s got a beautiful voice u go, girl,” another one chimed in.

“Too much talent! Who knew? Great job Amber!” someone added.

A history of musical talent development


In addition to Amber’s talent for singing, It’s worth noting that she also knows how to play the drums, as she was taught by her older brother, Shawn.

Particularly, Amber’s collection of guitars is certainly extensive, therefore impressive.

“I don’t get to share everything about me on Teen Mom,” she shared a post on Twitter showcasing her impressive collection.