Women Suddenly Realize They All Have The Same Freckles And It’s Freaking Them Out

When looking for similarities with other people, we usually tend to look at their personality and physical appearance. Some people stand out more than others, and it’s usually due to their physical appearance.

Freckle Mystery


A ‘freckle’ is defined as a small patch of brown color on the skin, freckles are not dangerous and are commonly found on skin.

Genetics usually play an important role in producing freckles later on in life, these ladies seem to hit the ‘jackpot’ when it comes to having freckles on the same spot.

” ladies….. u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao,” a Twitter user asked the world.

The Freckle Madness Imminent

Needless to say, the tweet exploded and received well over 60,000 likes and 24,000 retweets.

Twitter users were stunned when they found out that they all have freckles on the same spot on their skin.

“This is wild,” @mal tweeted out.

People weren’t even aware of it before the tweet.

‘It looks new’


It wasn’t long before the women of twitter started going off and posting pictures of their wrist, and the complimentary freckle as well!

In an exclusive interview for Health.com, a dermatologist from New York chimed in and tried to explain the true meaning behind the ‘freckle’ mystery.

” A wrist is somewhere people wouldn’t think to wear sunscreen,” the MD revealed.


“That’s just a very common place to find them on the body, because of the level of sun exposure they receive,” the dermatologist added.


Speaking for the Time Magazine, Dr. Joyce Park revealed that: ” Freckles are basically areas of the skin where you have more pigment or melanin deposition from UV radiation.”

Adding that ” If you think about it, when you’re driving, that side of your wrist and hand are just constantly being exposed to sunlight.”