Get Some Grown Up Time and Some Peace of Mind with this Babysitter Checklist!

We’ve all been there.  You want to go out with some friends, or go on a date night but are too worried about leaving the kids.  I can hear your mind racing right now, “What if there’s any emergency?”, “What if someone gets hurt?”, “What if the kids act up?”.  Well worry no more, because with this babysitter checklist, you can have a quick answer for most of your worries.

This might take a little time to complete and feel good about it, so don’t do it an hour before the babysitter is supposed to show up, because I promise you, you will forget something.

The first thing on your checklist should be all your communication needs.  This should include:

  • Each parent’s cell phone number
  • Where you will be and the number to that place
  • Emergency phone numbers like police, fire, poison control, pediatrician, local hospital
  • Phone numbers for other family members or close friends in case you cant be reached in an emergency.

Next should be any important medical info about your kids. This should include:

  • If they have any food allergies, where the epi pen is kept, and a demo on how to use it in an emergency.
  • Where a medical kit is kept (this should be made ahead of time and include all possible medication needs, like Tylenol, Benadryl, a thermometer, etc).  Also include all dosages for each medication and when to give it
  • A quick over view of choking hazards and how to give the Heimlich maneuver

Other important emergency info:

  • Where the fire extinguisher is kept
  • Your address in for operators in case of an emergency

General Rules for your kids:

  • What to do if your kids aren’t behaving, such as time out, taking preferred items away, etc
  • What time you expect the kids to be in bed by, as well as a breakdown of the bedtime routine
  • What their favorite shows are and what they are not allowed to watch.  You know the kids might try to pull a fast one!
  • What they can and can’t eat.  Like maybe don’t let them eat every sweet snack i the house.  Try to get some type of real food in there too.

With this checklist you can be on your way to an awesome night out without worrying about the kids.  Go out and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!