Quit Being a Loner! Check Out These 5 Easy Ways to Make Mom Friends


Making Mom friends is no easy task, even for the most extroverted of Moms.  First of all, its awkward as heck, and second of all, where do you meet other  Moms anyways?  Check out these 5 easy ways to make mom friends and start showing off your inner social butterfly.  It’s easier than you think, even for the most awkward of us all.

  1. Look for other moms in your neighborhood.  Do this by spending more time outside.  Let the kids play out front while you watch close by.  Start going for evening walks and get brave and introduce yourself to people you come across.  You’ll be surprised how easy this will be after the first  couple times.  And then once you get to know them a little bit, invite them over for coffee or a playdate.                                                             
  2. Try some classes or get your kids into some activities.  You will meet moms with kids around the same age.  If you have school aged kids, its a good idea to join the PTA or do some volunteering at the school.  If you have the time, try to be the Room Mom at school.  This takes a little more time, but you are bound to meet some Moms since you have to interact with them all pretty regularly.
  3.   If you get invited to something, just go!  No excuses!  Everyone is tired and would probably rather be on the couch watching Netflix.  If you want to make mom friends you have to put yourself out there and socialize.  Say yes to it all!  Whether its a mom night out, or a Tupperware party, make yourself go and you are bound to make some new friends, as well as get even friendlier with those you already know.
  4.  Join some Facebook groups.  There are plenty of local mom groups out there.  You could even try some of the mom garage sale groups and make some mom friends with the added bonus of scoring some good deals for the kiddos.  There is literally a mom group for every type of mama out there, whether it be a crunchy mom, a twin mom, or fit moms.     
  5. Remember, making mom friends is a little like dating.  Not everyone you meet will be the right fit for you.  Maybe you aren’t the kind of mom who likes to wake up at 5am and jog, maybe you are more of a late night appetizer and drinks mom and that’s okay too.  Find the right fit for you and your lifestyle.  Don’t change yourself to fit in, because more likely than not you’ll be miserable and thats no way to make long lasting friendships.