What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day, Pass it Along! Seriously, This is Good Info!

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches its time to think about your mom, being a mom, and all the other moms out there.  Moms are tired, stressed and overworked.  Most of the time they are underappreciated and don’t get half of the praise and respect they deserve.  I think its pretty accurate to say that most moms deserve more than one special day a year, so the least that people can do is give her what she wants.  So what is it that Mom’s really want for Mother’s day?  Is it flowers and chocolates?  Nope, guess again.  Most moms just want a frickin’ break! 

Here’s what you can do for Mom this year:

  • Help clean the house and do it right!  None of that just pushing the junk into a closet or under the couch stuff.  Get down there and do the deep cleaning that moms really hate.  Here are some examples:
    • Scrub that shower and tub, maybe mom would love to take a nice hot bath in a nice clean tub!
    • Clean out the fridge.  Get rid of the questionable containers of food and wipe down the inside.
    • Get down and clean the baseboards and wipe down the walls.  We hate seeing those dirty little fingerprints along the walls.
  • Clean her car!  I mean like really clean her car.  Take out all the junk for her, throw away any garbage.  Take out all those car seats and vacuum, clean the inside of the windows, scrub the milk stains out of the carpet.  Then, take the car and get it washed, or even wash it by hand.         
  • Take care of the meals for the day!  We don’t want to be cooking and cleaning up the kitchen on our one special day a year.  We don’t care if you cook, pick up fried chicken from the grocery store, or order delivery, just make sure you clean up after.  That’s the key here.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t drag Mom out to lunch or dinner! Its just not going to go well.  It sounds nice until you get there and its busy of course, and the baby is screaming and throwing food, and another kid is whining that his brother stole a french fry.  Its stressful and its definitely not a nice break for Mom.  And oh yeah, don’t forget about the prep mom has to do to even leave the house, pack the diaper bag, get everyone dressed, cram everyone into car seats… its not fun guys.
  • Mother’s Day is a Sunday and there is school the next day!  Do the school prep for Mom!  Bathe the kids and put them to bed, make the lunches, lay out the clothes.  Believe me, we don’t want to end our special day by having to do all this crap.  We want the full day people!  From the time we open our eyes, until we fall asleep.  It’s our damn day!