Dad Pens Hilarious Bedtime Books For Parents, “Go the F— to Sleep”

As parents, we’ve all been there where we want to just scream “Go the f—to sleep, kid”. Now, after we get our sweet angels to bed, we can read a grown up book that says just that. New York Times bestselling author, Adam Mansbach wrote the first installment of his book “Go the F— to Sleep” in 2011 and is back with a hilarious new sequel after the birth of his third child. This one’s called, “F—, Now There are Two of You”.

The newest book gives light to what it likes to transition from one kid to two. In short, its freaking exhausting. Owen Boozeman, the illustrator of the book, shows hilarious depictions of real life scenes. In one picture, a dad is depicted grocery shopping with 2 small children, one a baby that is crying, and the other a toddler that is throwing food to feed a bird. All the while, he is struggling to push the cart and dropping the baby’s bottle.

image by Ricardo Cortes
 Courtesy of Akashic Books

Mansbach says that the new book is very much the reality of his life right now, and says “somehow, two is a million more kids than one”. I think we can all agree with that.