One Mom’s Secret for Bedtime Bliss

Bedtime can be crazy and hectic with little ones. There can be screaming and crying (both kid and parent), and a million glasses of water and bathroom breaks. One mom said she’s got the ultimate fix for bedtime stress!

According to her, the secret to bedtime success is in the planning and the hour of quiet time before actual bedtime. This is where the real trick is revealed, glow in the dark pajamas!

According to this genius mom, she bought her daughters glow in the dark pajamas and told them that they need to charge in the light for awhile before bedtime. To do this, she told them that they needed to lay very still and quiet on their bedroom floor. This quiet time was enough to settle her daughter’s down for bed and ensure and easy transition to bedtime.


It was noted that her daughter’s did try to test their mom and see if they really needed to lay down to charge the pajamas. For this, the mom stated that she made sure she put the pajamas back into a dark drawer for the day to they would have to be charged back up in the light before they would glow.

Smart Mama, huh?