Here’s Why Teen Mom Fans Want Maci Bookout Fired From New Show

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Maci Bookout has been a favorite on Teen Mom since the beginning, but now fans are calling for her to be fired.  So what gives? Fans are fed up with her “boring” storylines.

Fans were promised major drama in the new show, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, but they were left wanting more when it came to Maci’s storyline.

Last night,the first episode of the show premiered and Maci’s storyline was less-than-exciting for most fans.

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In case you haven’t watched yet, here’s a quick recap of what happened last night.

Throughout most of Maci’s portions of the show, the theme is that she is wanting to have more alone time with her husband, Taylor.

We got to see Maci and Taylor have a super unromantic date night in their garage (yes, I said garage). They ordered take out and attempted a conversation as they watched their kids on cameras inside the house.

maci and taylor date

They couple left the oldest child, Bentley to babysit his younger siblings, Jade and Maverick.

bentley babysits

As they watched Bentley struggle to control his unruly siblings, they decided to end the date and go back into the house to confront the kids and let them know they had been watching them on camera.

maci and mav

Then we flash to a confessional where Maci talks about how she feels bad and “uneasy” about putting Bentley in a similar situation to what she went through as a teen mom.

She says:

“The anxiety that I was feeling was the panic arising that like my kid was going through something that I had felt similarly being a teenager and becoming a parent. Bentley is not supposed to be a parent.”

maci confessional

The end. That’s the total and complete summary of Maci’s drama on last night’s episode.

Fans took to a Reddit thread about the premiere to voice their complaints about Maci.

The thread was titled “Teen Mom:The Next Chapter-Episode Discussion: ‘Wishful Thinking'” and was meant to discuss all aspects of the episode, but most Teen Mom fans could only focus in the unending boredom of Maci’s storyline.

One critic called the storyline “fake drama”:

“They did say in the beginning before any of it aired… That whoever had a storyline would be covered…. MORE FAKE DRAMA here we come!”

Another added that the boringness could be because:

“Maci and Taylor have zero chemistry.”

Others commented specifically about the Maci and Taylor’s date night:

reddit comments maci

And another critic added:

“That “date” was fucking miserable. Going on a date is NOT sitting in your garage and watching the kids on a video cam. Turn the damn camera off and enjoy each OTHER.”

The general consensus was pretty consistent that Maci should be fired from the show after more than a decade because her continued boring storyline are unbearable to watch.

maci and kids sit