These Are The 10 Hottest Dads From The Teen Mom Series

tyler and cole

There have been plenty of guys to grace the screen of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 series and look good doing it. But who takes the title of fairest of them all when it comes to the dads? Let’s break it down.

So lets be fair, this list is not based on who is the best dad or the nicest boyfriend, this is purely physical attractiveness because let’s face it, some of these dads are not so great.

Lets start with number 10 and count down to the hottest of them all.

10. Jo Rivera

When we first met Jo on 16 and Pregnant, he was a young up and coming rap artist. He was kind of a bad boy and him and Kail were always arguing.

Jo Rivera

Today, he is rocking the “dad bod” and balding a bit but he’s still got it. Not to mention, he’s got a super hot wife, Vee, who is co-host to Kail’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast and has tons of her own things going on too.

Jo Rivera and Vee

9. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards was a good looking guy back at the beginning of the series. He definitely was pretty crappy to Maci a lot of the time, but he was also like a “cool guy” riding four-wheelers and being a bada**.

Ryan 16 and pregnant

Somewhere along the way, Ryan got mixed in with some drug use/abuse and started falling apart.

Check out the before and after below:

maci and ryan

8. David Eason

We first met David Eason back in 2015. Back then he sported a nice clean cut haircut and he was a much better dresser.

David Eason hot

He seemed like a good match for Jenelle and they looked happy together.

JEnelle and David

David started getting hairier and harrier throughout the years and now he’s pretty much a big bearded mountain man. He’s still pretty cute if that’s your type and if you can deal with his crazy antics.

David Eason beard

7. Taylor McKinney

Taylor was a hot motocross racer when we first met him. He is now the devoted husband of Maci and father to their two children together, as well as an awesome step dad to Bentley, who Maci had with her ex, Ryan.

Taylor McKinney

Taylor and Maci have built a clothing brand together, and now he’s a hot business man.

taylor and maci brand

6. Corey Simms

Corey is the baby daddy and ex husband of Leah Messer. Together the couple share a set of twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. Cory is a hot, hard working, country boy, what’s not to like?!

Corey Simms

5. Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy is yet another hot baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer. And again he’s another hot country boy and we are here for it.

JEremy calvert

C’mon, who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Even when that uniform is construction gear, he makes it look so good.

Jeremy calvert

4. Javi Marroquin

Javi is the super hot ex husband/baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star, Kail Lowry. He is an athletic military man and the ladies can’t get enough. He’s well known for being a player…

Javi abs

Rumor has it that he and Kail might have been on the road to reconciliation, but now the rumors are flying that she may be pregnant with someone else.

Kail and Javi

3. Nathan Griffith

Nathan is the super jacked baby daddy of Jenelle Evans. They share a son, Kaiser. We can see why Jenelle fell for him. He can often be seen shirtless, or in a ripped up t shirt that barely counts as a shirt.

NAthan griffith

Nathan’s hot bod is on display in the many pics he posts during and after workouts.

NAthan Griffith

2. Cole DeBoer

Cole is the super hot, megawatt smile having husband of Chelsea Houska. Cole has model good looks and comes off as the guy next door.

Cole Deboer smile

I mean, check out the abs and his lean physique.

Cole Deboer abs

And last but definitely not least, our hottest Teen mom series Dad!

1. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler has been gracing us with his presence since back in the days of 16 and Pregnant. He is the husband of Catelynn Lowell and father to their soon to be 4 children.

Tyler Baltierra

Tyler has model good looks and soul piercing eyes.

Tyler Baltierra

And lets not forget about a rocking body and abs for days.

Tyler Baltierra abs

Did your favorite make the list?