Maci Bookout Leaving Teen Mom for Good?


Fans have been following Teen Mom star Maci Bookout since the beginning of her reality tv journey on 16 and Pregnant.  Now that her son Bentley is almost 13, she’s reconsidering her reality tv stardom.


On a recent podcast of Dad Up, Maci revealed that her and her husband Taylor have been discussing making an exit from the long time show, Teen Mom OG.  They are not sure how much longer they want their children featured on the show, especially now as they are getting older they have more concerns about the children bein filmed and dealing with the critiquing that comes along with it from viewers.


Although they have no plans as of now to leave the show, she told fans that they are “taking it season to season”.  Maci told the host:

 “Right now, definitely more than ever, we’re leaning more toward deciding when the right time to move on is. And, if we do move on from the show, would it be to maybe stay in TV and just kind of go in a different direction, or do we want to kind of leave TV behind for good?”

Sounds like maybe the are considering doing another type of show, or a show without the kids.  Only time will tell which direction they decide to go in. Maci has already tried another type of reality tv by appearing on the show, Naked and Afraid.  Although, it didn’t appear to go well as se didn’t complete the mission.  But seriously, who could?  We give her props for just trying.

Naked and Afraid

Maci continued by saying:

“Really, it all depends on how it affects our children, especially since Bentley’s in middle school, which is a tough age in general…it is getting to that time, especially for our kids…”

We totally get why a teenage boy might not want his whole life filmed for people to critique.  Maci also hints that if they were able to bend the requirements of filming for Teen Mom OG a bit, then maybe they would consider staying on longer.

“If we were able to film and kind of leave the kids more for the B-roll and the funny stuff, I think we’re OK with continuing with the show. But it really just depends.”

Even though Maci and her husband, Taylor are thinking about their future with the Teen Mom world, they are still slated to take part in filming for the next season.  So for now, we will continue to get a glimpse inside their world.


Although, after the explosive reunion show from this past season, Maci’s ex, Ryan and his family will no longer be involved in the show, but will supposedly be seen only in the first episode for next season.