You’ll Never Guess The Real Life Jobs Of Your Favorite Teen Mom Dads

taylor and cole

We all know about most of the real life jobs and side hustles of our favorite Teen Mom stars, but no one ever thinks about what the dads do for a living. Some of the dads have pretty regular jobs, while others have coat-tailed on the fame of the moms.

Gary Shirley

We all know by now that Gary is an excellent chef and a good dad, but most people don’t realize that he is also a member of law enforcement and works for his local police department. Gary also dabbles in real state and reportedly has over $500,000 in real estate properties.

Gary had some other gigs in the past, such as a short lived condom company called, Its Gary Time, and when we first met him with Amber Portwood back in the day, he worked as a CNA (certified nursing assistant).

Gary police

Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney is the husband and one of the baby daddies of Maci Bookout. Before becoming a dad and joining Maci in developing a clothing line called, TTM (Things That Matter), Taylor was a professional motocross racer back in Dallas, Texas where he is from.

Taylor gave up the motocross life after he had a bad accident and broke both of his arms. He still enjoys the sport and keeps up with it. He has even gotten friends and professional motocross riders to promote his and Maci’s TTM line in some social media posts.

maci and taylor motocross

Jo Rivera

These days, Jo is making some serious bank in the real state business. He owns many properties, some in which he rents out and others in which he flips.

Before being a real estate mogul, Jo had aspirations of being a rapper in the music industry. He worked on that dream for awhile and had the stage name, Nick B (aka Nerd In A Cool Kid’s Body), but when that didn’t pan out, Jo relied solely on paychecks from his time on Teen Mom.

Jo Rivera rappermogul

Javi Marroquin

Javi is the baby daddy/ex husband of Kailyn Lowry. When we first met him on the show, he didn’t really have a true career aspirations. Some even believe that he dated her for the fame it brought, as he had previously tried to be on another MTV show, True Life.

After meeting, Javi ended up joining the Airforce which caused some serious relationship turmoil after he was stationed overseas for awhile.

These days, Javi is working as an Airforce Reserve recruiter, and also runs some football training camps with his ex, Kail.

Javi airforce

Cole DeBoer

Cole has really based his current career endeavors off of his and Chelsea’s fame from the show. It was recently announced that Cole and Chelsea would be filming their on home renovation reality show with HGTV. They also have a clothing line, and diaper bag line, and he also has his own line of designer socks.

Before all the fame, Cole worked as a traffic control specialist in his and Chelsea’s home state of South Dakota. The job fell under the umbrella of highway maintenance workers, who are in charge of monitoring and maintaining the state’s roads and highways.

Cole Deboer