Here’s How to Not Be a Jerk at School Drop Off

Of course celeb moms are looking their best for school drop off. But what about us regular moms? Are you one of those moms who gets all dolled up in the morning no matter what, or are you one of those moms who rolls out of bed and prays to get the kids to school on time? Let’s be honest, either way you are probably embarrassing your kids with kisses and love at drop off. But are you playing by the unspoken rules of drop off? Are you taking turns merging in, and are you kicking the kids out quick, or are you taking your sweet time and holding up the car line?

There is nothing more frustrating than running late for work or an appointment and the mom in front of you taking ten years to say goodbye to her little angels. Keep it movin’ lady!

Here is some basic rules we should all follow to make the car line process a little less stressful:

  1. For god sake, never, I repeat, NEVER get out of the car! Its not a time to stop and chat with another mom, or to put your kid’s crap in the trunk. Just stay in the car and move with the flow of traffic.
  2. Once you get your sweet angels, get them in the car and hit the road. Don’t sit there and chat about the day or homework.
  3. Nobody likes a cutter. Don’t cut the line, its just wrong. We all have better places to be. I mean, you wouldn’t try to cut the line at the grocery store…
  4. Don’t try to double park. It is not okay to pull up next to another car and have your kid run over. It’s rude, and frankly its just not safe either!
  5. Put the damn phone down! Unless you are one of the moms that get in the car line an hour earl before its moving then keep your phone out of your hand. Once that line gets moving you need to focus and move when the other cars move.
woman holding iphone 6 with orange and black case
  1. And last but not least, the rules apply to ALL of us, not matter what kind of car you drive. I promise you, no one will be happy if you try to pull your fancy Maserati in front of them.  And oh yeah, these rules also apply to all you awesome dads out there doing drop off too!