Teen Mom Amber Portwood Tells Fans They Don’t Make Her ‘Money’ And To ‘F*ck Off’

Amber portwood rant

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has struggled with some pretty serious mental health issues for many years. She was seeming to be pretty stable, but recently she made fans worry about her after she went on a full fledged rant on Instagram live.

Amber Portwood

The rant began when a follower commented that Amber looks like she was high on pills.

“Okay, I’m not high on pills!”

“Honestly like if I can be real, if I wasn’t on television, like I would never f*cking get on somebody’s thing and be like, you’re this, you’re that and fucking like put them down and things like that.”

“The bullying and the nasty kind of crap that people say is just like, who are you to say that somebody is something. Who are you? B*tch you know my name but I don’t know who the hell you are.”

“I don’t even want to f*cking block people because you’re wasting my time. I don’t care, I don’t give a sh*t.”

“You’re saying I’m high on pills, I’m talking to you right now, am I f*cking nodding out, like no!”

“You’re so dumb, go to school!”

Someone then commented that her pupils looks very large like she is on drugs.

amber pupils

Amber responded:

“My pupils are big because I’m on medication! Are you guys stupid!?”

“Does anybody know about mental health?!”

“Hello, are you f*cking dumb?!”

“You guys are jack*sses, we have to take medications so we’re feeling okay sometimes, we’re not high!”

She repeatedly told the haters to get off her live feed.

At one point she talked about being on a reality show for 13 years while dealing with a mental illness.  After being told to calm down and asked if she was angry, she told commenters that she is “not angry, if I was angry you would f*cking know!“.

She continued by calling out the haters and saying:

“Nobody cares! Go! Do you make my money? No! F*ck off!”

The rant continued when she was accused on not caring.

She got pretty heated and said:

“I do care! I care about all the teenagers who are committing suicide, who have mental illnesses because all of you guys are a bunch of punks!”

“I care about all of that! I care about every f*cking thing! And when I have to sit there and watch the f*cking news about somebody killing themselves with mental illnesses because you guys are bullies, I give a f*ck!”

She continued:

Amber rant

“You guys are f*cking shit! You’re nothing but bullies and if you were in front of people’s f*cking faces, you wouldn’t say a f*cking thing to anybody!”

“And you know what? No one is going to sit here in Instagram live and tell you guys that you are f*cking murderers! You guys are nasty murderers! And you should be in f*cking jail for what you do every time that I have to see that somebody that has the same mental illness as me just killed their selves, or hug themselves, or shot themselves in their mother f*cking heads!”

“So f*ck you! Get the f*ck off my f*cking live, and happy motherf*cking mental health day! Get the f*ck outta here!”

“You stupid f*cking idiots, you sit there and you think you’re so f*cking hard, you’re not hard!”

“You f*cking freak! You weirdo!

“Are you f*cking stupid!? What f*cking world are you living in? The twerking world?! F*cking idiots…”

Throughout the entire rant, Amber’s supporters continued asking Amber if she was okay. It seemed as if they were genuinely worried about her and she would respond in some way that she is not because people are killing themselves.

This is not the first time that Amber’s live rants have caused fans to be concerned.

Earlier this year, she took to Instagram live to hurl insults at her ex, Gary Shirley’s wife, Kristina, who has been parenting Amber’s daughter, Leah since she was little.

gary and fam

During this rant, Amber repeatedly said:

 “When you’re a wh*e, you’re a wh*e,” 

“When you’re a homewrecker, you’re a homewrecker.”

She also accused Gary and Kristina of ruining her relationship with Leah.

See the whole video below: