‘Teen Mom’ Stars Love Animals And These Are The Pets They Own (Photos)

The ‘Teen Mom’ stars are known for being not-so-conservative when it comes to choices in life, and their pets are no exception. They are reality-TV stars after all.

We bring you a list of our favorite yet ‘exotic’ ‘Teen Mom’ pets.

Farrah and Sophia’s pony


Although no longer a part of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, Sophia and her mother, Farrah, are known for their exotic purchases.

One of them was certainly a pony that Sophia had named ‘Starburst.’

“It’s time for you all to meet my little pet pony, Starburst! I’m dressing her up and turning her into a fun princess!” she said in one of her YouTube videos.

It wasn’t long before they dressed it up and it started looking like a “My Little Pet Pony.”


Chelsea’s pig and ducks


Chelsea Houska is rather known for her delicate choices in having pets. One of those is definitely her pet pig called ‘Pete.’

In May 2015, Chelsea officially welcomed pig into the family.

“HI PETEY😍 welcome to the family beebee!”

Before firmly deciding that she wanted a pig, Chelsea took to Twitter in order to test waters.

She asked the fans if anyone has experience with pet pigs and how they would behave.

“Any of my followers have a pet pig?! tell me how it is 🙂 literally have wanted one my whole life lol #thetimehascome.”


In case you’re wondering why you don’t get to see a whole lot of the animals on screen, it’s because of their anxiety.

Even Chelsea’s husband, Cole is content with the pet pig!

In addition to the pig and dogs, the DeBoer family also owns a few ducks.


You better watch out cause they’re dangerously cute!

Briana’s turtle

Briana recently revealed that she owns a turtle while retweeting one of the viral posts on Twitter.

Maci’s dog


Much like her co-stars, Maci is also a bigtime animal lover. Her family owns a boxer called ‘Bonnie’ that she had originally purchased for her son, Bentley.


In 2015, Maci notified her fans of the new family member saying that ” She’s been a really good puppy.”

Kailyn Lowry’s new dog

Back in September 2019, Kailyn decided to introduce her fans to the new family dog, “Karma.”


Kailyn’s family previously owned a dog named “Bear,” but he has since passed away.

Tyler & Catelynn’s guard dogs

The Baltierra family apparently owns two Doberman dogs that are quite clever.

“My Doberman is a badass! I didn’t teach him that either lol the only thing I taught him was to let the other one in,” Tyler bragged on Instagram.

Cheyenne’s gifts a dog to her daughter


The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star gifted a puppy to her daughter Ryder and it’s so adorable!

Cheyenne credited “Southern Oregon Bullies” for providing her family with the cute puppy.

They even snapped a picture delivering the dog called “Bam!”

Amber Portwood’s dogs

It appears that the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star owns two dogs, Maddi and Herman.

This is Maddi:


And this is Amber’s rottweiler, Herman.