The Long List Of Jenelle Eason’s Never-Ending Parenting Fails

jenelle parenting

Jenelle doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to her parenting skills/effort. She has a long history of lack luster and what some would call lazy parenting. Lets take a look back at some of her memorable parenting fails.

Lets start at the very beginning when Jenelle lost custody of her oldest son, Jace.

Jenelle was a new mom and constantly partying and going out. She left Jace with her mom, Barb, most of the time, and Barb tried many times to get Jenelle to take a more active parenting role and step up, but she never did. It got to bad that Jenelle was charged with child abandonment and Barb was awarded full custody of Jace.

jenelle jace barb

Basically Jenelle’s whole arrest record AKA her “rap sheet” shows she hasn’t been a great role model for her kids.

According to reports, Jenelle has been arrested on at least 15 separate occasions.


Her first arrest was in 2010 for breaking and entering, and possessing drug paraphernalia. You might remember, this all happened with her notorious boyfriend, Kieffer Delp. Jenelle always had a rebellious side, but Kieffer seemed to bring out the worst in her and helped escalate her drug use.

jenelle mug shots
Brunswick county sheriffs

Here’s a few more arrests-


  • Assault on her ex friend
  • Probation violation for testing positive on a drug test


  • Arrested for “communicating threats”, and making “harassing phone calls to her ex friend.
  • Arrested again for violating protection order against her by above friend.
  • Arrested for cyberstalking her ex boss.
  • Arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a controlled substance.


  • Heroin possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of illegal Percocet and assault.
  • Arrested for failing court ordered drug test again.
  • Breaching the peace with Nathan

In case your counting, that’s 10 arrests already.  There are many more, but you get the point.

Remember the time that Jenelle had major road rage after someone was supposedly tailgating her.  She basically stalked the driver down to his house and pulled a gun on him with Jace in the car. The other driver claimed that she also hit his vehicle and backed into his mailbox.

Jenelle claimed that the driver was driving dangerously and tailgating her and she was concerned because she felt he was going to cause and accident with her son in the car.

Jenelle did the right thing by calling 911 and reporting it, but then set a poor example with her actions after that.

jenelle and jace roadrage

Jenelle and her now husband David lost custody of all of their children after he shot and killed their family dog. All of the kids were taken by Child Protective services shortly after the incident, but were eventually after about 5 weeks returned, except for Jace who remains in custody of Jenelle’s mom, Barb. This incident led to Jenelle being fired by MTV and axed from the Teen Mom show.

jenelle and dog

Don’t forget the constant attack from fans about her lack of parenting period.

You might remember this past Mother’s day when Jenelle had the rare occurrence of having all of her kids together. Jenelle’s husband David posted a video and some photos from the family spending time together. In the video, Jenelle can be seen completely ignoring the kids.  She has a beer and one hand a her phone in the other. Two of her kids can be seen fighting with sticks and another is climbing an old log and Jenelle seems completely oblivious to them even existing.

JEnelle ignoring kids
Tik Tok

Here’s another example of her lazy parenting:

In a recent Instagram post, Jenelle shared a photo of her daughter Ensley, 4, in her car seat sleeping after visiting her grandmother’s house. Fans immediately took notice that Ensley was not properly buckled into her car seat. People were definitely shocked that Jenelle was too lazy to even buckle her daughter’s car seat to ensure her safety.

Ensley eason

Jenelle definitely has some work to do on improving her parenting skills. It would be a good idea to start with actually doing some parenting.