Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

teen mom cast

We just found out some major details about the new Teen Mom spin off Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Here are the top ten things you need to know about the upcoming show.

10. The theme of the new season is a little bit different than the last season.

Last season focused on the moms and their relationships with their children’s fathers. This season will focus more on the moms and their relationships with their own parents, specifically their moms.This should add in some major drama since we know some of the moms have pretty complicated relationships with their moms.

Cate and Mom

9. Jenelle Evans will not be a regular cast member on the new season.

There were some rumors flying around that Jenelle Evans might be on the new season, since she was spotted filming while at Briana DeJesus’ party, but it looks like Jenelle didn’t make the cut to be part of the official cast.

8. Here is a list of the official cast members for the new season.

  • Maci Bookout
  • Briana DeJesus
  • Amber Portwood
  • Catelynn Lowell
  • Jade Cline
  • Ashley Jones
  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Leah Messer
Teen Mom cast

7. The setting and vibe of the new season will be much different than the last.

The last season was set in sunny San Diego California, and was full of beachy fun. This season is said to be set in the North, possibly in Oregon, and will have a more warm and woodsy therapeutic vibe. Probably less partying and more sitting around a fire drinking wine.

Teen Mom beach cast

6. There will still be a therapeutic element and professionals will be involved.

Last season, the moms participated in some therapy with Dr. Cheyenne Bryant and worked on their relationships and bonds with their children’s fathers. This season will be similar in that they will now work on their relationships with their own parents.

briana dejesus therapy

5. The new season will consist of 15 episodes, which is fewer than a typical season of Teen Mom.

The episodes will be an about an hour long, like usual, but will be a little more intense and dramatic as they try to squeeze all that drama into ust 15 episodes.

4. Farrah Abraham won’t be making an appearance this time around.

Farrah came back briefly as a big surprise for the last season, but she won’t be on the upcoming season.  After last season, Farrah went on a rant and claimed that MTV has “no ethics” and that she would be cutting all ties with the network.

Farrah Abraham

3. You’ll get to see some of the dads on the show.

Although this season won’t focus on the dads, in the trailer for the show, we got to see Bar Smith and Sean Austin browsing engagement rings for the moms. Obviously, the dads will play some part in the drama.

teen mom dad

2. We will get to see the many stages of motherhood, as some of the moms have new babies, and some are dealing with teenage moodiness.

This season aims to show all the seasons of motherhood and parenting, as there is a vast variety of ages in the moms and their kids. We will get to see some of the moms struggle through the newborn sleeplessness and others deal with emotional teens.

AMber and Leah

1. The new season will air on Tuesday, September 6th, at 8pm EST.

You can check out the first episode of the new season this fall on MTV.

Teen Mom next chapter