Beauty Expert Awards Jenelle Evans As Most Beautiful Teen Mom Ever

Jenelle evans pretty

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is a lot of things, but I don’t think everyone would agree that she is the most beautiful Teen Mom cast member. But that’s just what a leading beauty expert has claimed.

According to Lucy Williams, owner of a company called Aurielle Aesthetics, Jenelle is the most beautiful Teen Mom cast member using the “Golden Ratio”, an equation invented by the ancient Greeks.

The ancient Greeks believed that there was an equation that could measure physical perfection and beauty. The equation is called “Phi” and it sees the perfect facial balance as a 3:2:3 ratio. The basic idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it is on the scale of perfection.

In case you’re wondering, the so called “Golden Ratio” looks something like this:

Golden Ratio

So what makes Jenelle so perfect according to the “Golden Ratio”?

According to Williams:

“Jenelle has a beautiful balance and perfect symmetry to her face shape, in my opinion, she is the most beautiful.”

“She has the most perfect heart face shape with a wide forehead, strong jaw, and chin. She also has the classic ‘widow’s peak’, a V shape in the middle of her hairline which is a strong feature associated with heart face shapes.

“Her eye to lip ratio is perfect and her pupil runs perfectly in line with the outer edge of her mouth on the eye giving her overall balance and harmony to the face.

Jenelle Evans

Apparently the size of Jenelle’s ears also factors in…

“Another contributing factor to her beauty is Jenelle’s length of her ears being the same length as her nose giving balance and symmetry.

“Her face is perfectly segmented into fifths, giving her overall the most perfect golden ratio out of the teen mom cast.”

Jenelle ears

The news of Jenelle’s beauty perfection comes as fans have been begging her to divorce her husband, David Eason.

The divorce push from fans started shortly after fans noticed she hadn’t been wearing her diamond wedding rings anymore.

One fan asked:

“heyyy youre wearing your white silicon band again. is your wedding ring too big now?”

Jenelle no ring

Jenelle replied:

“I know most of you would have noticed I’m wearing my silicone ring. I knew eventually you guys would ask… When we went to dinner on our anniversary night, I had it. I’ll show you a picture. I didn’t post this picture because I didn’t like the way it turned out.”

Jenelle then showed the picture continuing she was referring to:

Jenelle and David anniversary

“See what I mean it was a horrible picture. That’s why I didn’t post it. Lighting was horrible. But anyway you can see that I’m wearing my ring. It’s completely fine. Everything’s in tact right?”

“Then we were on our way home from dinner. I get home. I change my clothes, take off my dress. All of the sudden, I scratch my back, and I’m like oh s**t, what did I scratch my back on?”

“And then I looked at my ring. My diamond was gone. My whole diamond was gone. All the other diamonds were there, but the big one was gone.”

“But I have a lifetime warranty that David paid $700 for. So they’re going to replace it. So it’s actually the diamond has to be replaced because the prong broke.”

Take a look at Jenelle’s ring below:

Jenelle ring

So, no worries there. It appears that Jenelle and David are just fine and the ring missing was just a fluke. David will continue to be married to the “most beautiful” Teen Mom star for the time being.