Farrah Abraham Posts A Heartwarming Tribute To Sophia’s Father Derek

Farrah joined the likes of ’16 & Pregnant’ when she was just a teen, she was initially in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, Derek Underwood, who passed away.


Throughout her ’16 & Pregnant’ appearances, the fans learned that Farrah was actually separated from Derek at the time.

Sophia was born in December of 2008, just two months after her father passed away.

Despite all the controversy surrounding her, Farrah showed us that she still has a ‘kind’ heart.

In an Instagram post, she thanked her fans for all the heartwarming messages & support she received thus far, making it really special.


“To one very special person I celebrate and remember like no other-Happy Birthday Derek I love you, May 8th you would be 29 today, birthdays used to be so simple,” Farrah outlined on Instagram.

“You gave me that once in a lifetime love of my life everyone so deserves, you gave me so many 1st’s, from virginity, proms, trips, my first ring, you showed me unconditional love, you showed me what relationships are…” she continued.

“All the events that had happened the entire sequence was one filled with the thrill, love & loss. Now I share a birthday breakfast in your memory & all our best photos and your childhood photos with our daughter,” Abraham revealed.

Adding that:

“My partner in crime getting me in all the trouble – love you legend we all miss you today more then ever & so much love, memories from Sophia & I, family, friends and those who watched over the years…”


Derek’s cause of death was a traffic collision, Derek reportedly lost control of the car and crashed into a power pole, resulting in two lives lost.

Farrah’s dating life

Despite having a boyfriend for a number of years, Farrah decided to opt-out of the relationship with the Real Estate mogul, Simon Saran.

The two got along very well, due to their mutual passion; business development and Real Estate.

“We are both two go-getters always on the move, which makes it really hard to have a relationship. We’re still really great friends,” Farrah revealed in 2015.

Ever since then, a lot of things had changed. The couple isn’t dating anymore and Farah appears to be single at the moment.

“I know how to play the dating game very well,” Abraham confessed in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m open to probably dating a director or something of that nature. I mean, the highest I could go is like a producer,” she revealed.