Jenelle Evans And Husband Are Harassing Son’s Classmate on Social Media

Jenelle and David harass

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason have been making some major waves on social media recently after they took to Tik Tok to harass a student at Jenelle’s son, Jace’s school.

Apparently the pre teen drama started at school with a female student that Jenelle’s son, Jace was having some issues with.

Like the noble parents that they are, instead of contacting the school or the student’s parents to discuss the issue, they instead texted the student and also took to Tik Tok to call the other student out.

Jenelle and David claim that the other student had been bullying Jace a while ago, and the couple had “handled” the situation.

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The Sun

Things escalated when Jace went to school and showed off text messages between his mother and the other student.

Then it got even worse when the other student, an 11 year old girl, took to Tik Tok to call Jenelle and David out on their behavior and handling of the situation.

David then responded in true David fashion.

He took to Tik Tok and played the girl’s video and then added his response to it.

David post
Tik Tok

He captioned the Tik Tok post:

“This girl and her friend are the ones that keep tormenting Jace and trying to manipulate his feelings. Everyone go report her account! Children like this do not need to be on social media. I strongly encourage all parents to keep a close eye on their kids phones and social media accounts!”

In the video the other student said:

“If you’re gonna make another Tik Tok, like I know a bunch of people that I know, especially like a bunch of friends at school, they’ve all reported that Tik Tok. We’re waiting for it to go down so we can watch your career to go down as well, so thank you. Thank you, just get off of Tik Tok and literally keep your mouth shut.

Then another student in the video began talking too:

“Also, Jace went around the classroom showing everyone the messages. Jenelle texted me and Jace went around the classroom, showing everyone the messages, saying I was scared and that’s why I apologized, because I gave her a sincere apology for literally nothing.”

After the girl’s video, David came on the screen and tried to make a wise and parently speech.

He said:

“Look people, if you got a 10 or 12 year old little kid like this, who thinks that they can go around school and manipulate people, and then lie about it later, you need to get your kids under control. Take them off of Tik Tok. You see, our kids don’t go on Tik Tok, or any other platforms doing these types of things, like these little girls were doing. And they’re only make this situation worse, because all of these videos, all of the messages, they’re all recorded. We have all the messages. So keep your business private, or it’s gonna be way more public than you want it to be.”

david and jenelle

You can also see that Jenelle had replied to the girl’s post and she had shared Jenelle’s comment on her Tik Tok video post that David had shared.

Jenelle’s comment said:

“Just to clarify yes we contacted the school to talk to the girl’s parents. My son told me he blocked her a year ago. I knew the girl was joking.”

Fans could not believe the lengths that both Jenelle and David had gone to to harass this girl.

Many fans thought that legal action should be taken against them.

One fan said:

“Grown adults should not be interacting with children they don’t know on social media. If they’re concerned, contact the kid’s parents or the school. Can you imagine what they’d do if another parent was doing something like this to Jace? They’d both be arrested.”

Another said:

“the parents of this child should file a police report and get a restraining order against him.”

Others noted that Jace must feel really weird about the whole pre teen drama.

“My kid would never forgive me if i got personally involved in her tween drama. Its weird when Jenelle gets involved, but ultra weird when David throws himself into it.”

Others noted how scary it was that David seemed to be threatening a child.

One fan said:

“Or it’s gonna be way more public than you want it to be”. He’s literally threatening an 11 year old child. Imagine what kind of control, manipulation and abuse he puts the land children through. He’s pathetic honestly and truly.

Another agreed and said:

“Right, this is SOOOOO creepy to say about a CHILD. Why would you not just discuss this with your child and perhaps that girls parents and be done with it. Why is this even on social media. They are such trash people (the adults).”

Jace and Jenelle