Fans Are Shocked As Jenelle Evans Shares Disturbing Video Of Her “Pool Problems”

Jenelle pool issue

Former Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans likes to share videos about her everyday life to her social media accounts. She recently shared a video showing off how disgusting her backyard swimming pool is and asking fans for help. Fans couldn’t believe how disgusting the star had let the pool get.

Jenelle posted the nearly one minute video to her Tik Tok account.

She captioned the video post:

“Send help! 💦 #SaltwaterPool #Pentair”

In the video Jenelle exclaims: “Time to do some pool maintenance!”

She told fans that she had some “Pool Problems” and listed them as she showed each one.

Jenelle pool problems
Tik Tok

The first problem she reported was that her pool water was cloudy.

She explained that this was because her pool was “way too salty”.

If you didn’t know, Jenelle has a salt water pool which is supposed to be much easier to maintain than a traditional chlorinated pool, however it looks like Jenelle is still having a lot of issues.

The second problem she reported was that her pool vacuum was “barely working”.

Apparently this is because the cord “keeps gettin’ twisted up” and she “needs a new one”. This would definitely cause some problems if she isn’t able to thoroughly vacuum the debris from the bottom of the pool.

Jenelle vacuum
Tik Tok

Problem number three was the “leftover gunk” that lined the inside of the pool.

Jenelle didn’t elaborate on the “gunk”, but it was pretty disgusting.  She did say “ew, need to scrub that” and then moved on to the next problem. That gunk is definitely going to take a lot of scrubbing to get rid of.

Jenelle gunk
Tik Tok

The next problem she noted was pretty bad too. The tiles for her pool are literally peeling off.

Jenelle told viewers, “The kids love to peel my tiles. How lovely!”.  I’m no contractor, but it doesn’t seem like kids should be able to “peel” tiles off like that.  That seems like a pretty expensive fix!

Jenelle peeled tiles
Tik Tok

Jenelle told viewers her next problem was that she had “faded cement”.

She said, “These are cement stamped pads, and they’re just faded.” This doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal compared to her other issues.  This might be the least of her worries.

faded cement
Tik Tok

Jenelle’s next problem was just a repeat of the first. The pool has way too much salt.

Jenelle shared a picture of a pool ph strip showing that there was clearly a major problem.

She said:

“Trying to dilute my salt, but that shit is still so high! Look at that! Seven! It’s supposed to be between three and four.”

Jenelle pool
Tik Tok

Next, she showed her messed up pool waterfall which she said was because of “low pressure”.

She said: “Now look at my waterfall, it’s halfway working.”

The waterfall was just a little dribble of what it should be. Jenelle then went to where her pool equipment was and said she now had to go check her “buttons”.

She told fans, “This is my Pentair saltwater system.” as she panned the camera around. She then showed the waterfall now working and excitedly told viewers that she fixed it.

before and after
Tik Tok

Jenelle reported that her biggest problem was that her “salt level will not turn down”.

She told viewers that she keeps turning the levels down, but it immediately goes right back up.

She said: “I have it set to 40, but it just boosts back up to 80, and it’s still cloudy!”

She ended the video by saying “Send pool help, please!” as she raised a mug to the camera and relaxed in a blue Adirondack chair.

JEnelle mug
Tik Tok

Fans were quick to comment and criticize Jenelle’s “pool problems”.

One fan blunty referred to Jenelle as saying:

“Here’s me complaining about maintenance issues. Here’s me drinking coffee and not fixing anything.”

Another fan thinks Jenelle has bigger problems causing her pool issues.

“The real problem is that they are broke and can’t pay for regular pool maintenance, but she’ll never come to terms with that.”

Another added to the above comment by saying:

“I feel like without the MTV money everything is slowly falling apart. Her house looks scruffy as does her and the kids. The lands dirty and the pool.”

Others felt that the whole video was an attempt to get a pool company to offer to come make the repairs for her for free.

One fan said:

“She’s clearly trying to sucker a pool company or expert to fix it all for free in exchange for a social media shout out 🤣🤣”

Another added:

“She’s looking for some kind of pool company to sponsor her and fix it up I bet. That’s why she’s showing all the problems.”

JEnelle and kids in pool